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Ibanda, SouthWestern Uganda

Ibanda, Uganda

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About Us

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Kibubura girls’ is an O and A level girls boarding school .The school has distinguished itself by the quality of its staff and students, under its headmistress, Mrs Mababazi Monica Mabanga. Seen as a multicultural school in Uganda, and has continued to play a unique educational role in the country.

Kibubura Girls’ SS creates a harmonious balance between academic demands, sporting and cultural activities and community life plus the national Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE), and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE).

We challenge students to be intellectually inquisitive and socially conscious. The School believes that while what students know is important, the true measure of a student’s education is the ability to analyse what they do not know.

Over the years the school has developed steadily to where it is now. It is well equipped with a number of facilities that facilitate girl child education.  These include

(i)   3 well furnished Science laboratories (ie physics lab, Biology lab and     Chemistry lab)

(ii)  A well-stocked library

(iii) A fully stocked sick bay with well qualified medical personal (clinical      officer and nurse)

(iv)  A well-furnished computer lab with internet to facilitate students research  work.

(v)  Dormitories

(vi)  School transport means currently the school has a 33 seater bus and

purchase of a 67 seater Bus is ongoing.

(vii)  The school offers home management and food’s and nutrition at A-level.

Kibubura is the only Girls’ A-level boarding Government-aided school in Ibanda and is church of Uganda. The school also remains the undisputed champion in games and sports (i.e Netball, Volley ball and football girls) And is also a strong competitor in National Music, Dance and Drama Competitions.

In 2012 the school was declared the best in A’ level in the district according to the ministry rankings. The school is to embark on building on I.C.T Centre that will become a Centre of Excellency and communication in Ibanda.


“The school of excellence for enlightened and productive society”


“ Equipping a Girl Child with Quality Education towards Holistic Development”


“With Courage we march to progress”.


  1. Godliness
  2. Excellence
  3. Time management
  4. Team work
  5. Integrity
  6. Industriousness.